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[Case Study]: two elegant glass keyboards, black, for an architect's office

Posted on: set 29, 2023 | Author: Marco Venturi | Categories: Case studies

A customer in Milan asked us for two elegant glass keyboards, black, for his architect's office.
Why did you choose glass keyboards, black, for an office?
What is so special about these keyboards?

Read the case study to find out!

[Case Study]: two elegant glass keyboards, black, for an architect's office

Would you like to elevate the aesthetics of your office and make it more elegant?

Our customer in Milan, the owner of an architect's office, also had this expectation.
That is why he contacted us, specifically requesting two glass keyboards, black, for his offices.

But why did the customer specifically request glass keyboards if he works in an office?
What is different about glass keyboards and why did he prefer them to the common plastic keyboards you see around?

That's what you'll find out if you go ahead and read this case study.

Glass keyboards: suitable for the medical field... and beyond!

Glass keyboards are usually in great demand in the medical field: offices, dental surgeries, analysis laboratories and hospitals.

These are the areas where glass keyboards are in demand, mainly because they are touch keyboards, and therefore very hygienic: dirt cannot penetrate and the keyboard remains intact, clean. They are, moreover, waterproof keyboards, which do not allow water or liquids to penetrate: this also makes them perfectly sanitised (and in no time at all!).

No wonder, then, that glass keyboards (especially in white, which is very reminiscent of hygiene and sterilisation) are mainly sought after by medical circles.

But... not only.

Glass keyboards are also very suitable for many other work environments.

For example, if you work in an office or in an environment where elegance, precision and hygiene are exactly the first words you want your customer to think of and immediately associate with you and your company every time they hear it mentioned, then...

You cannot think that the choice of IT tools to be used in your office can be secondary (or left to chance).

How can a keyboard influence your company's image?

If you think about it, when a client walks into your studio... what are the first things they see?

The environment and how you have furnished it.
He sees what colour the walls are painted, whether the room he has just entered is large and spacious, whether it is clean or gives an impression of dirtiness, whether there are plants or flowers to make it cosy and fragrant...

And then the focus is on details: the desk (whether it is big or small), whether you have papers scattered or stacked in a container, neatly arranged...

Similarly, an important role is played by your chosen monitors, keyboards and mice: necessary IT working tools, without which you simply cannot work.

You cannot do without a keyboard or a mouse.
But in a market so saturated with computer objects and tools, you have to be careful which ones you choose.
The choice cannot fall on trivial tools that everyone uses.

Why do we say this?

Because if you find yourself working in a field where you want to attract a certain type of customer (high-level customers, for example), you certainly cannot give a low-level image of yourself and your company, because you will never attract this type of customer.

You cannot welcome your customers into a messy, dirty office where you put shoddy plastic keyboards on display before their eyes (like this one you see, for example, which is one of the very common keyboards you will see in most offices).

What image do you think you give by displaying such a keyboard?

You see, even if you don't think about it and perhaps you are not fully aware of it, the keyboards you choose give a very specific aesthetic image of your company to the customer in front of you.

This means that they positively or negatively influence the customer's idea of your company the instant they enter your office.

This concept was immediately clear to our customer in Milan, the owner of an architect's office, who saw our glass keyboards in the catalogue and immediately wanted them to enhance the elegance of his office!

The customer's request: the most elegant and hygienic keyboard for his architect's office

Common plastic keyboards have a special feature: namely that they are 'common'.
Everyone has them and uses them for their offices.
And, in doing so, they don't realise that they all give the same image: of a banal office, where the choice of computer equipment is left to chance or the 'cheapest keyboard' is commonly aimed at.

Of course, not all offices are suitable for elegant glass keyboards...

We have said from the beginning that it is a product typically used in the medical field (but not only).

But there are offices where a certain level of hygiene and elegance is required.
Just like our client's Milan architect's office.

In order to raise its level of elegance, the owner chose to replace the 'normal' plastic keyboards he had been using up until then and ordered two black glass keyboards, very elegant and much more suitable for the aesthetics of the office and the type of client he evidently wanted to attract.

But that's not all.

The choice of glass keyboards (black, moreover) is no coincidence: the customer chose this model and this colour precisely because he needed to encase these keyboards in mahogany desks.

The model you see is the TVB04.
In addition to being a complete model with an integrated touchpad, this type is more 'special' than the others we have in our catalogue precisely because of its physical conformation.

In fact, it consists of a flared bottom and this peculiarity allows it to be recessed inside a desk without difficulty.


But let's cut to the chase...

Want to make your office more stylish with a beautiful, shiny, compact and durable keyboard?

Our glass keyboards are touch, waterproof and hygienic.


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