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Steel keyboards for micro-manufacturing: which model to choose?

Posted on: ott 12, 2023 | Author: Martina Vaggi | Categories: Case studies

A few months ago, a company asked us for 10 steel keyboards to introduce into their jewellery processing machinery.

For them, we came up with the TA005 keyboard model, complete with trackball and other features essential for micro-manufacturing.

Steel keyboards for micro-manufacturing: which model to choose?

What is special about this model and why is it so suitable for inclusion in micro production machinery?

The customer's request: steel keyboards to be inserted in machinery

If you have come to read this article, you will surely already know that, of all industrial keyboards, steel ones are the most suitable for use in machinery.

Because they are:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Vandal-proof
  • Waterproof
  • And resistant to external agents, such as dust or food grease.

In this specific case, we are talking about steel keypads dedicated to a micro-production environment.

The customer who contacted us manufactures machinery for processing jewellery.

Consequently, we advised the customer on the best possible option for his sector.

TA005 keyboards with trackball for micro-manufacturing

The model we recommended to the customer is this one:

Steel Keyboard

The TA005.

This is a very complete model because it includes:

  • the trackball
  • has the F1 to F12 function keys
  • And back-panel installation.

The customer needed these features and this type of keyboard had them all!

Another special feature: we customised the keyboards with an American layout, as the company exports machines abroad.

In the picture here you see them with their protective film, ready to be packed and shipped to the customer.

But in addition to the steel keyboard model we have mentioned in this article, there are other models available in our catalogue.

Why buy steel keyboards from Industrial Keyboards

If you work in a heavy industrial sector and need computer tools that are robust and shock-resistant, you can request your steel keyboard for a free trial!

With Industrial Keyboards, you have a testing programme at your disposal: you can request a keyboard for 15 days before purchasing it.

By doing so, you will avoid making incorrect purchases and save time and money.

And if you don't like the keyboard?

You can return it to us at no extra cost.

Buying industrial keyboards from us means that you have a team of experienced technicians at your disposal, who can advise you exactly which keyboard is suitable for your business sector.

We also have a large stock and can therefore customise keyboards according to your requirements.

Our steel keyboards can also be customised with the colour black, for example.

Do you work in a heavy industrial environment and need to purchase steel keyboards for use inside machinery?

Contact us for a free consultation

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