The medical sector includes all the environments where cleaning is a detail that must not be neglected at all.

Environments such as:

  • Hospitals (operating rooms, hospital rooms, offices);
  • Laboratories;
  • Dental offices;
  • Medical studies.

The classic keyboards and the common plastic desktop mouses are difficult to clean and disinfect because dirt may enter between the keys with the risk of being carried around by the various users of these devices.

Our keyboards and mouses are the perfect solution for the medical environment use and are perfectly compatible with all disinfectants and cleaning products.

Medical silicone keyboards

The silicone keyboards are totally sealed and guarantee as IP68 protection. This means that they can be totally immersed in liquids for its cleaning without compromising functionality.

The cleaning between the keys is effective because there are no holes in which dirt could get stuck.

Medical glass keyboards

Glass keyboards are the perfect solution for cleaning. The surfaces of the glass keyboards are totally flat and helps a fast and total cleaning.

Generally they are "Soft Touch" type so the dirt cannot get stuck between the keys because they are totally absent.


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