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Membrane keyboards are among the most widely used keyboards in industry.

What are the job sectors in which a membrane keyboard should be used?

If you have landed on this page, you probably...

  1. you work in an industrial environment and are looking for keyboards that fit perfectly in industrial machinery.

  2. Or, you are looking for a type of keyboard suitable for the food industry, such as meat slaughtering.

  3. Or, you need a keyboard to fit inside certain devices, such as medical devices, for example.

Whether it's one case or the other, you're obviously not looking for just any keyboard.

The keyboards you are looking for, if they are to fit inside machines or devices, must possess certain characteristics of...

  1. Robustness and resistance
  2. Hygiene and protection from dust and external agents
  3. Impermeability to water and liquid solutions.

These should be the characteristics of the keyboard you are looking for.

And these are the special features of membrane keyboards, the most suitable for industrial machinery and medical devices.

Membrane keyboards: what are the features

Membrane keyboards are suitable for use in industrial machinery because they are:

  1. robust and durable.

    They come in different sizes: small, medium or very large.
    Depending on your needs.
    But the size doesn't change the fact that all of them are rigid and resistant keyboards.

  2. hygienic.

    They are covered with a membrane, so there are no gaps or cracks between the keys. It is therefore clear that dirt and dust cannot affect the keyboard, which is much more hygienic.

  3. waterproof.
    Since these keyboards have a membrane that covers the keys and the entire surface, water and external agents cannot affect them and damage them.

  4. They are industrial, and therefore durable.
    A membrane keyboard is durable: it does not get damaged and does not break precisely because its industrial components make it resistant and suitable for use in industrial machinery.

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