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Do you work in an environment where dirt and moisture accumulate?

Are you tired of classic commercial plastic keyboards, where dirt gets between the keys and you have to force yourself to pull them off one by one in order to clean them?

Without even managing to do so.

Because commercial plastic keyboards are not waterproof, so you can't use water or sanitiser to wash them.

If you work in an industry and you are using commercial plastic keyboards, you must know that you can never clean them thoroughly.

Nor can you use them to work in food environments where grease, fat and dirt coat the keys and stain your keyboard until it is completely unusable.

But you already know that.
If you work in a food or medical environment, you know how much effort it costs you to wrap your keyboards in cellophane and repeat the operation every day (before you start working and afterwards, when the work is done).

And all this for what?

Only because you have to protect your keyboard from the industrial environment in which you work and protect it from water and dirt.

Simply put: if you are using a plastic keyboard for your industrial environment, you are forced to adapt to the keyboard you are using... when it should be the other way around!

It should be the keyboard that has to adapt to the industrial environment in which it is placed.

And that's what happens when you choose a specific industrial keyboard suitable for your field of work.

That is why you have come this far, to a page about silicone keyboards.

Silicone keyboards: the features

A silicone keyboard from Industrial Keyboards is suitable for your industrial environment precisely because it is:

  • impermeable to water and sanitising products: equipped with a full silicone coating, its material allows it to be resistant to water and liquid agents;

  • hygienic and safe from dirt and dust: the industrial silicone keyboard has no gaps between the keys. As a result, dust and dirt cannot penetrate inside and, for these reasons, the keyboard always remains very clean

  • and durable.

In fact, unlike commercial keyboards, industrial keyboards last much longer, so you don't need to change them.

Here are 5 areas where you absolutely must use silicone keyboards

Industrial silicone keypads are perfectly suited for use in the following sectors:

  • medical
  • food
  • chemical
  • military
  • and suitable for laboratories.

What are the most used versions on the market?

Rigid, robust and durable, the silicone keyboard can also be equipped with

  • trackball
  • or touchpad.

In which colours silicone keypads are available

Silicone keypads can be customised in the following colours

  • black
  • white.

Depending on your needs.

Discover our extensive catalogue of silicone keyboards and contact us for a free consultation.

We provide you with a DEMO keyboard to try out free of charge: if you are not satisfied, we take it back for free!


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