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[Case study]: Did you know that there are plastic keyboards also suitable for the industrial sector?

Posted on: set 4, 2023 | Author: Marco Venturi | Categories: Case studies

A customer approached us to request 85 industrial keyboards with the following features: equipped with integrated touch pad, ultra dustproof, expressly made of plastic, but also suitable for the industrial sector.

[Case study]: Did you know that there are plastic keyboards also suitable for the industrial sector?

The customer in question works in the distribution of structured cabling, networking and IT telephony.
It needed sturdy keypads in order to be able to fit and position them inside a pull-out drawer of industrial cabinets.

The keyboards had to have certain characteristics

  1. ultra dust-resistant,
  2. expressly made of plastic,
  3. and suitable for the industrial sector.

An odd request, since plastic keyboards are usually commercial in nature and are therefore not suitable for industrial work areas.

It wasn't easy... but we at Industrial Keyboards succeeded!
We found the industrial plastic keyboards and delivered them to our customer, who was fully satisfied!

If you also work in an industrial environment, however, you should not confuse the two types of plastic keyboards.

The industrial ones that we found and delivered to the customer are the ones suitable for an industrial environment for various reasons (which we will see later), while the plastic ones for commercial use are not suitable for an industrial environment.

Let's find out why.

Commercial plastic keyboards: why they are not suitable for the industrial sector

In the industrial sector, commercial plastic keyboards are not usually used, because they are the type of keyboards more suitable for common, office use.

Despite being the most commonly used keyboards, this type has several limitations that make them unsuitable for an industrial environment.

1) They are unhygienic: commercial plastic keyboards allow dust, water and external agents to creep into the gaps between the keys and from there they do not come off. As a result, they bring dirt, which is difficult to eradicate.
2) They are not easily sanitised: you can't clean them thoroughly because if water gets inside the keys, the keyboard breaks. To clean a commercial plastic keyboard you would have to peel off each individual key and scrape off the dirt (hoping it will come off).
3) They are not impermeable to water and liquids: if water gets between the keys, the keyboard breaks.
4) Last but not least: commercial plastic keyboards last a short time, two years at most.

Industrial plastic keyboards, on the other hand, are perfectly suited to industrial environments, such as the wiring sector in which our customer operates.

The special feature here is the material of which they are made.

Industrial plastic keyboards: what's so special about them?

The industrial plastic keyboards you see in the picture are not common.

They have different features than conventional consumer plastic keyboards.

1) They have a built-in touch pad, so you don't need to integrate a mouse into your keyboard.

2) They are thinner and lighter than normal plastic keyboards.
They are also easier to carry.

3) They are more hygienic: this is because the slots between the keys are much thinner than on a traditional plastic keyboard.
Thus, dust and dirt cannot infiltrate between the keys, unlike consumer plastic keyboards.

4) They are easier to clean: cleaning an industrial plastic keyboard will be much easier than cleaning a traditional plastic keyboard. All you have to do is gently wipe a cloth over the keyboard: you won't have to peel off one key at a time like with conventional keyboards, where removing dirt is virtually impossible.
In our industrial plastic keyboards, dirt has a hard time getting between the keys, which makes them much more hygienic and sanitised.

5) They last much longer. Because they are industrial keyboards, they are much more durable than traditional consumer keyboards: this makes them last longer and virtually never break.

Why you should trust Industrial Keyboards

In addition to the plastic models we have discussed in this article, you should know that there are various models of industrial keyboards.

We have silicon keyboards, steel keyboards, and glass keyboards: each of these is suitable for a specific sector or field of work.

Buying industrial keyboards from us means that you have a team of technical experts at your disposal, who can advise you exactly which keyboard is suitable for your work sector.

We also have a large stock and can therefore customise keyboards according to your requirements.

With Industrial Keyboards you have a testing programme at your disposal: you can request a keyboard for viewing before you buy it.
By doing so, you will avoid making incorrect purchases and save time and money.

If you work in the industrial sector and are looking for keyboards that are resistant to dust and dirt, that can last over time without breaking, contact us for a free consultation!

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