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[Case study] Double-layout customisation of a steel keyboard for the international market

Posted on: giu 28, 2021 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: Case studies

An industrial machinery manufacturer turned to us as they were looking for a keyboard that would solve their language barrier issues. Here’s how we dealt with their request.

[Case study] Double-layout customisation of a steel keyboard for the international market

Analysing our customer's problem

An industrial machinery manufacturer contacted us because they needed a steel keyboard to control the machinery in one of their systems in Russia. Russian workers needed to use input device on a daily basis.  

At this point, language barrier issues arose. Having to install the machinery in the Russian company, the Italian operator of our client company would not have been able to configure it with a Russian layout keyboard. To install it correctly, he needed the Italian (Latin) layout.

How to combine two such distant alphabetical characters, enabling workers of different nationalities to use the same device?

The solution

To tackle this problem, we resorted to the dual-layout solution. As there is no dual-layout keyboard on the market, we developed highly efficient customisations:

  • laser engraving of the Latin layout as the main language on the top left of the keys, in black;
  • laser engraving of the Russian layout in the same key on the bottom right, in blue;
  • addition of a special key that allows to quickly switch from one language to another, thereby making the input device highly intuitive and practical to use.

In this way, the keyboard can switch from one language to another in just one second, facilitating the work of both Russian and Italian users.

Finally, our customer could embed the steel keyboard in their machinery without having to remove it at each user change, thus ensuring a clean and tidy time-saving installation.


The keyboard we customised is the TA010. For more information on this product, click on this link --> TA010.


Not sure which is the most suitable keypad for your needs? Would you like a tailored consultation, or do you have special requests for one of your projects? Turn to industrial keyboards experts.

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