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PC Keyboards: one of the dirtiest items ever. How to sanitise them easily, efficiently, and in less than 10 seconds

Posted on: lug 29, 2021 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: Tutorials

How to achieve thorough sanitisation in less than 10 seconds and with 100% efficiency thanks to glass keyboards.

PC Keyboards: one of the dirtiest items ever. How to sanitise them easily, efficiently, and in less than 10 seconds

The Covid-19 outbreak has further stressed how important it is to carefully sanitise the devices we use daily and with other people. But did you know bacteria concentration on keyboards is on average 70 times higher than that on toilet seats?

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Obtaining a thorough sanitization has therefore become all the more crucial.

To sanitise traditional plastic keyboards, you had to spend time and energy to carefully clean between the keys, as well as shut down your PC and disconnect the input device first. The result was a laborious and time-consuming process.

Now, however, you can solve all these issues by turning to glass keyboards. Indeed, thanks to their completely smooth surfaces, you will be able to clean them easily with a cloth in less than 10 seconds – all with 100% efficiency.


Here's how to easily sanitise a glass keyboard in less than 10 seconds

Up to now, to sanitise a traditional plastic keyboard you had to:

  1. Switch off your PC to avoid typing unwanted text while cleaning it;
  2. Disconnect your keyboard;
  3. Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it to remove any residue or crumbs;
  4. Use special products to clean the surface of the keyboard;
  5. Clean carefully between keys;
  6. Reconnect the keyboard to your PC;
  7. Switch on the PC. 

 Total time required: at least 10 minutes

Clearly, all these steps require a considerable amount of time and effort from your team. Besides, you will still run the risk of not having eliminated dirt and bacteria entirely from your device.


With glass keyboards, cleaning gets much faster and more thorough. Indeed, in just 3 simple steps you will achieve the highest hygiene level:

  1. Press the lock button, which momentarily deactivates all the keys (no need to switch off your PC and/or remove the keyboard)
  2. Wipe the keyboard surface with alcohol or detergents (there are no embossed keys to clean in depth)
  3. Press the lock button again to reactivate the keys.


 Total time required: 10 seconds.


In this way, not only will the cleaning process of your keyboard get easier and faster as compared to traditional keyboards, but it will also guarantee a higher hygiene level and a completely safe environment


 Obtaining such a high level of cleanliness has never been this easy - nor quick!


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