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What is the Hula Point and when can it be used?
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Hula Point: when the touchpad is not enough and you cannot use the trackball

Posted on: lug 22, 2019 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: Tutorial

What is the Hula Point and when can it be used?

Hula Point: when the touchpad is not enough and you cannot use the trackball

Usually the industrial keyboards are equipped with two pointing systems: the trackball and the touchpad.

Pros and cons of a touchpad

The touchpad is generally more uncomfortable than the trackball, but guarantees, at a reasonable price, a total IP68 degree to the keyboard that integrates it. It is possible to completely immerse the keyboard in a liquid for cleaning, without compromising its operation. Silicone keyboards are usually equipped with a touchpad for this reason.

In contrast to the touchpad, it is a little more uncomfortable in its use and more delicate, it can have problems when it is used with gloves. Generally it is not a frequent problem, but for certain types of gloves it could be. Always check with your expert consultant if the gloves in your possession can compromise or prevent the keyboard from working.

Pros and cons of a trackball

The trackball is mainly used in stainless steel keyboards as it is more robust. It can be inserted in vandal-proof structures. The trackball is also much more comfortable as it is very similar to using the mouse. 

On the other hand, due to its rotation, the trackball does not guarantee IP68 protection (usually IP54 protection), unless you choose very expensive products. Due to the fact that the trackball must rotate, it cannot be inserted into a silicone keyboard.

The Hula Point: the right compromise between Trackball and Touchpad

How to get a total IP68 protection if I am forced not to use the touchpad?

The pointing system called Hula Point is the perfect solution for those who do not want (or cannot) use the touchpad. In this way the operator can use the keyboard without having to remove his gloves.

The hula point, as an integrated solution in the keyboard, is not widespread. You can decide to buy only the module, without the whole keyboard.

When and where can the Hula Pont be used?

The Hula Pont can be used in all areas. Since they do not have to rotate, they can be coated with silicone and can be inserted in all those applications where the keyboards are in contact with liquids.

Quindi perfetti sono i settori industriali (dove i dispositivi possono essere a contatto con oli industriali) oppure nel settore medicale, dove la pulizia deve essere accuratissima.

The 3 advantages of using the Hula Point

To sum up, the advantages that can be obtained with the use of the Hula Point are:

  1. Total protection against dust and liquids (IP68);
  2. Possibility to use it with gloves: the users can not take off the gloves, continuing to work without any pauses;
  3. Low costs: prices are in line with the touch or trackball.

Many customers prefer this solution because it is more comfortable. It is a very subjective factor and therefore I did not include it among the 3 advantages above. However, usability is very good and anyone who uses it remains satisfied.



If you want to integrate the Hula Point into your projects or simply as a tool in your company but you don't know which product is best suited to your needs


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