Would you like to customise your keyboard with a logo or personalised graphics?

Customising the products you are manufacturing or selling can be essential due to company policies, or it can be a marketing tool to create added value for your business or customers.

3 essential reasons to customise your product

Here are the 3 reasons why customising your industrial keyboard can be crucial to your business:

  • Internal company policies. Especially for large commercial or manufacturing companies applying their logos on products or tools, the inclusion of your logo can be a key option;
  • Customer loyalty. Offering your customers the opportunity to customise their keyboards with their own logo or graphics will allow you to build and grow customer loyalty, so that they won't turn to your competitors for future purchases;
  • Marketing tools. If you like to advertise your name on your products as a marketing tool to build brand awareness, this is a great idea to do so.

How will we customise your product?

The steps for customising keyboards are very easy.

  • Feasibility analysis: first of all, we analyse the project feasibility together with our customers. This enables us to determine whether, how and where it is possible to apply your logo or graphics on your chosen keyboard;
  • Approval: after the customer evaluates and approves the project, we can proceed with printing;
  • Printing: we customise your keyboards through UV printing directly onto the products. We do not use stickers that can be easily removed, but actual prints.

How long does it take to customise your product?

The time required to customise keyboards depends on the amount of printing to be carried out, but it is around 1-2 days maximum. Indeed, it takes very little time to personalise a keyboard.


If you want to print your own logo, your customer’s, or personalised graphics onto your keyboard

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