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As a Computer Numerical Control producing company uses our industrial keyboards

Posted on: mar 4, 2018 | Author: Matteo Pinato | Categories: Case histories

A multinational corporation producing CNC machines contacted us to choose the keyboard which was best suitable for its machinery. That’s how we faced the request.

As a Computer Numerical Control producing company uses our industrial keyboards

Analysis of the customer's problem.

The customer, in addition to producing the machinery, deals with making electrical switchboards and pulpits (the place with the gear control system). Here he put some “Siemens” industrial keyboards. They were not properly suitable to the installation in those kinds of station for aesthetic and also practical reasons. Infact, the system used by the customer was composed of a plastic keyboard with a numeric keypad and an unplugged mouse.

In order to provide an aesthetic and functional improvement, therefore, the customer would have needed an industrial keyboard with a IP65 level of protection. It should have been recessed and made of steel. In this way the same functions of what the client installed previously (keyboard, numeric keypad and mouse) could have been included in an unique product.

The solution.

The keyboard model TA021 turned out to be the most suitable one to the customer’s needs because it was made up of a IP65 anti-vandal, steel, frontal recessed keyboard with 104 number buttons (keyboard + keypad) and an integrated trackball: everything together in only one product.

The pulpit became in this way an elegant and orderly product as one can see from the following pictures.

Realizzazione Pulpito.jpg IMG_20180214_091237.jpg IMG_20180213_112415.jpg


Click here to discover the keyboard used by our customer -> Tastiera TA021

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